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Dr. Rowsell & Lead Team

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Dr. Jennifer Rowsell

Dr. Rowsell is a Professor and Canada Research Chair in Multiliteracies at Brock University. She has written, co-written, and co-edited eighteen books on such wide-ranging topics as family literacy, New Literacy Studies, multimodality and youth and popular culture, digital literacies and multiliteracies. Dr. Rowsell has published over forty journal articles in refereed journals. She is on the editorial boards of 12 journals. She is the editor of The Routledge Expanding Literacies in Education book series with Dr. Cynthia Lewis and she is the Department Editor of Digital Literacies for The Reading Teacher. Dr. Rowsell has given keynotes and invited addresses in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, Qatar, Singapore, and South Africa. Her current research interests include: applying multimodal, arts-based practices with youth across schooling and community contexts; expanding research methodologies and theories of literacy for digital, immersive, and game-based research; and, longitudinal research with families examining ways of visualizing identities. Her most recent books include New Literacies Around the Globe (2014) with Drs. Cathy Burnett, Julia Davies, and Guy Merchant and the Routledge Handbook of Literacy Studies (2015) with Dr. Kate Pahl.

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dr. Amélie Lemieux

Amélie Lemieux is a postdoctoral research fellow at Brock University. Her research interests and work revolve around digital literacies through the study, impact, and production of multimodal transmodal narratives in high school settings, aesthetic understanding and reception of transmodal narratives, comic book analysis and reception. Her combined work in multimodality and literacy has allowed her to raise three national scholarships, a Quebec Lieutenant-Governor Medal for academic excellence and community engagement, the 2016 EGSS Doctoral Award for Research and Contributions to the Field of Education, the 2017 McGill award for community engagement, as well as the Tim Casgrain Award for excellence and innovation in literacy research.

Need more information on Amélie's work? Visit her academic website here.

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Jennifer Turner

Jennifer Turner, Canada Research Chair (CRC) Projects Coordinator, is responsible for managing, coordinating, developing, and mobilizing research activities related to Tier 2 CRC Jennifer Rowsell’s various research projects and to the Centre for Research in Multiliteracies. This includes managing all SSHRC-funded research projects, implementing knowledge mobilization activities for all research projects and the Centre, and liaising with faculty, staff, graduate students, and national and international partners regarding research initiatives and projects at the Centre.