Maker Literacies
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As for Rowsell, she has also taken advantage of her time away to talk with international researchers about a funded satellite study she begins in October entitled Maker Literacies. This project involves a team of educators, professionals, and professors who will complete maker-oriented multimodal projects over two years."

Brock news, July 25, 2016


"Jennifer Rowsell in Brock University Canada, a partner on the MakEY project, will be starting a new funded research project in September 2017 on maker literacies, which involves six projects that combine the expertise of artists and media producers with educators in the Niagara region. Built on the maker tradition, the research will embrace creative and collaborative production by providing technologies, resources and materials to make texts and objects through experimentation and problem-solving.

— Makey PRoject, april 13, 2017


"Earlier this year, Rowsell was elected into the College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists and is one of the newest members of the Royal Canada Society, which is the country’s top academic body. Through her line of research, she hopes that alternative formats and different modes of teaching are introduced in the classroom, especially as the digital field continues to rapidly progress.

— brock press, april 13, 2015


"New book from DISE's Boyd White, Amélie Lemieux: "Mapping Holistic Learning: An Introductory Guide to Aesthetigrams" introduces the concept of aesthetigrams. These are participant-produced visual maps of aesthetic engagement."

McGill Education news, october 27, 2017

At the American Educational Research Association’s annual meeting earlier this month in Washington DC, Jennifer Rowsell was awarded the Steve Witte Award which is a lifetime achievement award. Rowsell’s work in multiliteracies and multimodality continues to make an impact in the field and her most recent work focuses on applying multimodal, arts-based practices with elementary and secondary students across formal and informal contexts in the Niagara area."

News around campus, april 19, 2016


"I feel really blessed to work with Dr. Rowsell. Her professionalism, passion and dedication in both her own work and the work of her students are inspiring. She has encouraged my research and allowed me to grow as a researcher.

— brock news, January 3, 2017


"Working with Dr. Rowsell has been a really positive experience, says Hague. Her work in multiliteracies has been really formative for me, and she is helping me think through, concretely, how young people move through different meaning-making processes both on and offline. We’re also working on a photography and literacies project, and I’m learning an enormous amount from the way she thinks about how people make images, and why those images matter. I still can’t quite believe I get to work with someone who’s work has been so formative for me, but also for the literacy field.”

— brock news, october 28, 2016