Maker Literacies
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Maker Literacies is a research project led by principal investigator and Canada Research Chair in Multiliteracies Jennifer Rowsell at Brock University, and co-lead by Amélie Lemieux, postdoctoral fellow at Brock University. Working with primary, middle and high school students, this research will shape learners as makers, bolstering confidence in agentic ways of learning and emphasizing concrete pedagogical strategies to work with multimodality. The larger scope of this study is to further develop knowledge associated with curricula competencies of both elementary and secondary Ontario curriculum. The research impact will be seen and felt in classrooms, as we suggest new teaching approaches and ways of understanding and playing with modes (photography, coding, documentary film-making, game design, comic book planning and animation). Educational researchers and collaborators will benefit from using alternative maker methodologies for their ongoing projects. Finally, school consultants, education policy-makers and stakeholders in Southern Ontario will have an entryway into the epistemologies behind “making” in the classroom, thus enhancing potential avenues for collaboration in research projects and teaching methods.

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